3D pavement art vs the tech industry

Most of us love tech. But not when we are forced to buy expensive new stuff because the tech industry makes it impossible to keep our existing stuff. So we decided to bring ace pavement artist Eduardo Relero to confront industry players at their biggest jamboree, Mobile World Congress 2018 this week…


Press release. E-waste, a Greenpeace photo essay.


Tech expert peers through the looking glass. Hundreds stopped to check out Eduardo’s art.


3D art only really makes sense from one angle


Our message


Artist Eduardo snaps his work


Through the looking glass



Stretched in reality, when viewed from a particular angle and through a lens, the artwork becomes a realistic 3D image


Eduardo finalises his work in the opening moments of our action


The work in all its glory. It is due to travel on from Spain to Germany for another public outing


Eduardo applies some finishing touches


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