Daily Mail joins the fight against plastic pollution

Plastic pollution made the front page of the UK’s most influential newspaper today. With bottles and wrappers spoiling much-loved beached and beauty spots, it wasn’t a hard choice for editors.

With pressure building, governments are starting to get on top of the problem. France has led the way in Europe, banning single use items from next month. Mandatory plastic bag charges are ever more common and the British government this month pledged to slap a tax on plastic.  


Industry fighting

Look at the mess of bottles and wrappers trashing beaches and it is obvious the food and drinks industry bears some responsibility. But brands have been fighting moves to make them clean up their act.

Coca Cola has been fighting national rules to encourage bottle return schemes, according to an Unearthed investigation. The British Retail Consortium has also been mounting a secret lobby in the UK, according to the Daily MailAnd industry has been fighting back EU rules too, according to a leaked letter.



A European plastics strategy

But this hasn’t stopped the European Commission forging ahead with a plastic strategy, due to be launched within a few weeks. 


A 600,000 signature petition received by European Commission chief Frans Timmermans, who reassured organisers that his plastic strategy will be ambitious.


We green NGOs want to see single use items like plastic forks and plates phased out completely and less packaging in general. Only recyclable stuff should be sold if we are to achieve a truly circular economy.

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