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There should always be a way to re-use and recycle things

Here’s what needs to change

The world’s resources are limited.

But we are living as if they weren’t. Global demand for resources is increasing every year. 

0 tonnes
is what the average European consumes in materials every year
0 tonnes
is what the average European produces in waste every year
64% of that waste is landfilled or burnt

 Our consumption and waste in Europe is unsustainable

We consume too many resources in the form of everyday products, plastics, wood or metals, which we are too quick to discard. We then consume new materials to replace what we have thrown away, generating ever more waste.

Our lifestyle has a major impact on the environment

But there is huge economic potential if we change the way we do things

Think of the precious metals in your phone and how they could be re-used instead of thrown away

0 billion Euros
could be generated if we use our resources more efficiently
0 million jobs
could be created through better design of our products, more re-use and waste prevention

Moving towards a circular economy

Instead of the make – use – throw away model which began with the Industrial Revolution, we can move to a circular economy where materials are continuously being re-used and recycled. To do this, we have to design our products so that they last longer, and are more repairable, re-usable and recyclable.

Increasing how much we re-use and recycle will reduce the amount of material we send to landfill or incineration and move us towards a zero-waste society.

We’re campaigning for less waste and better product design

that lowers Europe’s resource consumption

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The things anyone can do

What you can do

There are things you can do to reduce your personal resource use bit by bit.

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What the EU can do

What the EU can do

How EU policy on waste and products can deliver resource savings and cut waste

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A lot is happening in this area, have a look at some of the things we’ve highlighted.

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