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Repairable products that last

 “We created a way of raising standards of living that we can’t possibly pass on to our children.”

― Joe Romm

We work with six other European organisations to reduce waste, and make products longer-living and easier to repair and reuse. Read our mission statement here:

Read our mission statement

Longer-lasting, repairable products have many advantages

bullet point  For the environment: Maximising our use of the precious materials already in everyday products would reduce the depletion of natural resources.

bullet point  For the economy: Finished products have more economic value than the raw materials inside them.

bullet point  For the economy: Re-use and repair activities can create far more jobs than recycling.

bullet point  For society: Consumers would have a better choice of after sales service providers at more  competitive prices, driving down the cost of repair.

bullet point  For society: Easily repairable goods could also be sold on the second hand market at low prices,  especially to low-income groups.



of the respondents to a recent EU survey said they decided against repairing a faulty product in the past 12 months because repair costs were too high
of EU citizens said in a recent survey that the lifespan of products available on the market should be indicated

Here are some solutions the EU could put into practice

bullet point Provide consumers with more information about the average lifetime of the product model lifetimes through provision of information on the average expected product lifetime for a specific model

bullet point Spare parts must be widely available and affordable for a minimum number of years following the last product batch

bullet point Lower taxes on repair service activities and increase them on resource-intensive and single use products

bullet point Set design requirements for products to guarantee a minimum life time and ensure non-destructive disassembly of products into individual parts and components for reuse

bullet point Get manufacturers to provide re-use and repair organizations with the information necessary to ensure the full functioning and serviceability of their products over their entire lifetime



How the EU can support repair and remanufacturing



It’s more than  just recycling. Watch our video to see how repair and re-manufacturing are vital to a circular economy, and how the EU can make it easier to repair and re-manufacture things and not throw them away.



See how the French company ANOVO are remanufacturing modems and set-top boxes – taking out useful components that would otherwise be thrown away, and turning them into brand new products.