Strip for the circular economy

It’s not over

Things seem broken, but hell, it’s European Week for Waste Reduction, so don’t split up right away. Here are some top tips to patch things up.



If you don’t want to take your ailing gadget to the repair shop, it has never been easier to do it yourself. Check out iFixit to find explainer videos and links to reliable parts dealers. If you need more help, head to your local repair cafe…



Software updates crippled your laptop or phone? It’s a familiar story and sometimes an intentional business strategy, also known as planned obsolescence. Checking online forums could allow you to dodge a bad update. Both fixing and upgrading get a whole lot easier if your gadget is modular and upgradable. Fairphones lead the way for the smartphone market.


Get some cash for your old stuff. Cnet has some top tips for flogging phones. Letgo, OfferUp, Wallapop and 5 Miles are popular, high-rated smartphone apps making it easy to buy and sell unwanted stuff in your neighbourhood. Everyone knows Ebay, but less have thought of selling their broken stuff for parts. The market is huge and categories vast.


Working or broken, some stuff can be traded in for cash, including phones, white goods, cars, lawnmowers, bicycles, cameras etc. Run a Google search for ‘trade new for old’. Oxfam is among the charities that make good use of old gadgets for recycling and resale.


When dumping time finally comes, consider taking smaller gadgets to electrical stores where European laws covering waste electronics require them to dispose of your junk properly. Bigger items like washing machines and televisions should be taken to official collection points.

Next time you buy

When researching for a replacement, be sure to ask if spare parts and extended warranty is available. Ask whether the product is certified as being free of toxic components. These make recycling difficult. Also, is there is a ‘new for old’ scheme? And check online forums to see if the product is built to last.


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