Strong EU Parliament resolution in favour of circular economy

cc Flickr / Mary Anne Enriquez

cc Flickr / Mary Anne Enriquez

The European Parliament has called on the Commission to issue an ambitious proposal by the end of the year which reduces resource use and waste in the EU.

The report issued by Finnish MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen on 9 July 2015 said proposals for a circular economy were needed to create “systemic change” and millions of new jobs across the EU. For this to happen, the EU needed binding waste-reduction targets, high recycling targets, revamped ecodesign laws and measures to uncouple growth from resource use.

The Parliament also called for a detoxofication of products, so that chemical substances harmful to human health do not find themselves in a remanufactured or new product which uses recycled components.

MEPs backed the idea of creating a product passport which would provide information about all its materials and components. This would make it easier for recyclers and downstream users to know what parts are recyclable, repairable or re-usable and to find uses for them.

Stéphane Arditi, the European Environmental Bureau’s Policy Manager for Products and Waste, said: “The European Parliament has issued a strong report which lays the path for a circular economy to develop in Europe. Its call to use Ecodesign so that products are more repairable and longer-lasting is welcome, as is the idea of a product passport. The Commission should take note of these recommendations if it is serious about addressing the potential of a circular economy in Europe.”

Click here for more information on the European Parliament’s resolution.

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