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The things you can do

“Make less, buy less, use less, throw away less.”

― Akiko Busch

Practical things you can do

A guide to ensure your product is sustainable

Next time you buy something, you can use this checklist to get an idea about whether your product is sustainable or not:

  • Does the product come with a repair manual or is it publicly available?
  • Do you have information about how long the product is expected to last?
  • Can the product be easily disassembled, or are parts glued or welded, or non-conventional screws used?
  • Are there cases of early failure or are other concerns with the product raised on internet forums?
  • Is there evidence that spare parts are sold somewhere (for example on the internet)?
  • If the product contains a battery, can you easily access and replace it?
  • Does the manufacturer provide longer guarantees than the legally required two years?

Repair Cafés near you

Next time something breaks down, how about taking it to a repair café? Check here to see if there’s one near you!