Tide starting to turn on plastic pollution

The UN has drawn a line in the sand on plastic pollution. Declaring the problem a “planetary crisis” the UN Environment Assembly yesterday called for a complete end to dumping of plastic at sea. These are just words, no action. But it may signal something significant: the end of throw-away single use plastic products.




Plastic pollution is making front page news and major television series. Feeling the pressure, governments are responding with new laws around the world.

Markets are changing too. China just closed its doors to low grade plastic waste imports. No wonder, it was basically junk. Recyclers are scrambling to react, Greenpeace revealed today. They may end up sending it to incinerators, storing it or even turn it into jet fuel.

The real answer is to make less single use waste in the first place. A lot of waste is unnecessarily wasteful, if not lazy. Increasing the quality of plastic could help the recycling industry. Bioplastics are another short term fix, but one that keeps us locked into a throw-away lifestyle.

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Image credits, with thanks to: the UNEP / Mike Kelly / UN / Chris Jordan
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